Debuting in America, direct from the sun-and-convict drenched shores of Sydney, Australia, Sticky is the brainchild of talented, mildly interesting and internationally renowned confectioner David King. Once an almost universally feared attorney, David walked away from a thriving law career in 2000 to pursue the irresistible lure of artisanal candy-making. Initially apprenticing with an ancient Danish monk within a crumbling monastery deep in the Australian Outback, hidden, forgotten and disguised as an absurdly large banana, the Pupil would quickly rise to become the Master. In an excruciating yet arousing ceremony, David discovered that he was, in fact, The Sweet One: the once-in-a-millennium possessor of a mystical gift for the ancient secrets of candy, the roots of which lie buried beneath antiquity, legend and fable. With disciples in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and now the United States, Sticky’s uniquely talented candy sculptors create some of the most exquisite confectionery ever seen, in a live show guaranteed to fascinate and delight your senses. Theater, spectacle and mouthwatering sugar-art come together in a way that will leave you gob-smacked and begging for more. Sticky can even customize sweets to your specifications. See your name, logo or message appear, as if by magic, right through the heart of your very own candy! Perfect for special occasions, events, corporate promotions or just for fun.

Fins it, Sweeties!

Head toward the cute guys ‘n gals rolling, pulling and sculpting colorful Aussie candy magic guaranteed to wow you at the far end of the store—ya can’t (and won’t wanna) miss ’em!

Design and order your own STICKY lollies here!


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