Candy Boutiques

Sweet! Gift Card

Sweet! Gift Cards are available in any denomination! Even $23.42! Drop by the store and we’ll load one up for you! Or twelve!

Sweet 101

There are endless candy wonders to explore, play, taste, discover! If you get lost, great! However, here’s a basic guide for those of you who are less adventurous:

Candy boutiques circle around the perimeter of the store starting at the top of the Piano Staircase. You access them from the TCL Chinese Theatre’s courtyard off of Hollywood Boulevard. We know it’s really fun to make music with your feet, but there’s even more enticing stuff inside the store. We promise!

And don’t miss our amazing and wonderful Wonka Windows, designed by the Academy Award® winning Moonbot Studios, which line the outside of the store.

Store Entrances

Sweet!’s main entrance is at the top of the Piano Staircase off of Hollywood Boulevard and the TCL Chinese Theatre’s courtyard. There are also 5 store entrance doors along the hallway above the Academy Awards® Red Carpet Walk.


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